Alpine Chimney Sweep Rates
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find yourself is to
lose yourself in the
service of others."

We service all areas from Longmont to Castle Rock, including all
Front Range Mountain and Rural Eastern Communities -  and never charge a trip fee!

Inspection and Cleaning:
Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Fireplaces
$80 each

Inspection and Cleaning:
Wood burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves
$95 each

Difficult Access: Unusally
steep roof &/or extreme
working conditions

Stainless Steel
Chimney Caps
Prices vary by size;
$80 - 200 + $75 install fee*
Top Dampers

Prices vary by size;
$200 - 300 + $75 install fee*
Masonry Crown Repair

$60 per hour

Minor repairs including any
caulking and/or painting
$15 per repair

Inspections Only
$80 + $40 each additional
Other important
information about our rates
and services:

Seniors 65+, Active Military
Service Members and Veterans
all receive $10 off! Please
mention this when booking your

Schedule a sweep for the same
day as your neighbor(s) and
everyone saves $20 on their
sweep. Not valid for inspections

We pride ourselves on keeping
our rates affordable and in line
with national averages. These
rates are effective as of 1/1/2019
and are subject to change at any
time. In an effort to offset rising
banking fees, we are now offering
$5 off for payments made with a
check or cash.

*Install fee waived for customers
also being swept.

All appointments are considered
as an "inspection, possible
sweep." Meaning that if after
inspection your fireplace and
chimney are deemed already
clean or unservic
eable, you will
only be charged our current
inspection rate. If your fireplace
needs to / can be cleaned, we will
complete the service at that time
and you will be charged our
current rate for your type and
number of fireplace

More questions?
Visit our
FAQ page!