Q: Why do I need to clean my chimney?
A: Creosote is a highly flammable substance that builds
up in your chimney and fireplace as a result of burning
wood. Creosote can ignite with just one ember spark
which can cause a chimney and/or house fire.
National Fire Protection Association
recomends that you
have your fireplace cleaned and inspected annually.

Q: What does the chimney sweep do?
A: The chimney sweep will first tarp off the area
surrounding your stove or fireplace. Then an industrial
soot vacuum will be inserted into the firebox and turned
on while the sweep is on the roof using the rods and
brushes to clean your flue. The sweep will then
completely clean out the firebox and the hearth with the
vacuum still running. After the sweep is finished cleaning
he will inform you of any issues and/or make
recommendations for repairs.

Q: How long does a chimney sweep take?
A: Traditional masonry fireplaces take about 90 minutes,
while inserts and woodburning stoves can take 2- 4 hours.

Q: Does the chimney sweep need to come inside the
A: Yes. We also need access to a working electrical outlet.

Q: Does the chimney sweep need to get on the roof?
A: Yes, although in rare cases a chimney can be swept
from the bottom.

Q: Is it messy or noisy?
The August West Soot Sweeper II will take care of any
mess, but it is noisy.

Q: Does Alpine Chimney Sweep do repairs or
A: We can do minor repairs, such as tuckpointing or
installing or fixing chimney caps, but for any major repairs
to the structure of your chimney, for example, we will
refer you to one of our trusted associates.

Q: I don't know what kind of stove or fireplace I have.
How can I tell?
A: We service four types of wood burning fireplaces:

Traditional brick/masonry fireplaces

Wood burning inserts

Freestanding wood burning stoves

Zero clearance fireplaces

Q: Do you service gas fireplaces or log sets?
A: No, we currently only service wood burning stoves and
fireplaces. We can however inspect your gas fireplace (if
we are already servicing your wood burning stove or
fireplace) and make recommendations if service is

Q: Are you certified?
A: No, certification is not required for chimney sweeps at
the state or federal level. We have over twenty-five years
experience in the heating industry and consistently stay
abreast of local and state codes and procedures. Not
paying a third party for certification also allows us to keep
our rates reasonable.
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